Adam Warlock Marvel 6″ Legends Mantis BAF Wave Breakdown & Review

Marvel Legends 6” Figure Review
Guardians of the Galaxy V2 – Adam Warlock
My very first Impression with Adam Warlock was not too impressed. Once I received this figure and had it in front of me, that was a different deal altogether! It’s beauty and grace befell me, like when you see something super amazing for the very first time, it sets ya back a moment. Well seriously, that’s what happen with this Figure. At first glance the High Priest comes to mind, and I realize she isn’t even in the picture, but Adams genetic makeup being that of a super human from earth, created by scientists called Enclave, he was disappointed with his encounter with Thor and left earth for space. Adam didn’t evolve from some mutation device on a sovereign planet like in the MCU, but he truly is quite the Super Hero. Having allied with the likes of Gamora & Pip the Troll. Warlock eventually saves earth with the help of the Avengers & Captain Marvel saving it from the Mad Titan Thanos.  Adam is both impressive on and off the Comic Book pages, he is surrounded by good people and communes that through his good deeds. He has amazing articulation in all joints, and stands well without aid from any type of prop. He comes with an alternate head, which I’ve decided to showcase him with, and two mystic rings (effects accessories) that compliment his awesome red/black wardrobe is well designed and I’ve chosen Warlock for the Special Shelf. He may not be near my Maw ratings or showcasing it with the likes of King Pin. But Adam Warlock certainly has an appeal I didn’t get from him before owning the Figure. Rating Warlock won’t be difficult. I choose to give Adam Warlock 6 “Golden 🍎” out of 10! 

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