Nebula 6″ Figure Mantis BAF Wave Breakdown & Review

Marvel Legends Review Nebula  NEBULA from Mantis BAF Wave 2017 Today’s Review is My Nebula Figure from the Mantis BAF Wave. So This Figure is well designed and looks great. It’s “Pretty” on the eye appeal! Its look giving us a cross over to the Nebula we know from the MCUs’ Guardians Of The Galaxy! (+) So she comes with a Gun and an extra interchangeable arm. (-)The robotic arm is kinda flimsy – (-) just as is Nebulas Lower legs and lower joints making her a hard figure to stand on its own. Nebula has a cool sleek look which I like, but since she is naturally short, the figure being short, having light legs makes me push away from her. I do like the Women body (or sculpt) used when they made the Endgame figures in Quantum Realm gear, as it made the Figure look more impressive and ready to tangle. Compared to the slimmed down Nebula from the Mantis BAF Wave, Endgames Women sculpts make more sense for an overall use on women figures. I’m neither head over heels for this Figure nor sold on its lost luxury of lower stability. But when it comes To grading.. I’ll Give Nebula 4 Golden🍎 Out Of 10!!

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