Spider-Man Far From Home Breakdown & Review

 Set Right after the Events of Endgame, Spider-Man Far From Home Opens with a tear jerker touching Tribute to the hero’s – lost but not forgotten! As I sat in the theater, watching, being a super mega monster of a fan, I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed, while my wife had laughter filling her beautiful smile..🤦🏾‍♀️       I was supper impressed by this, yet saddened. I am a big believer in the fact that you can be the absolute best at something, yet no one will remember what else you’ve accomplished. With this said, I feel that I’d much rather be the best Ironman or Captain America that ever played the role, then some guy that directed or acted in a movie – one time.  Spider-Man starts off pretty cool, but slow, with a lot more of Nick Fury and Maria Hill (So we are lead to believe) in the beginning than I expected.  Then just as we are getting into the movie it slows down a little again.  Yet picked back up with lots of action and momentum.    What was awesome was that they allowed Spider-Man to be who he is, and that his identity didn’t have to be this deep secret he kept for everyone that’s in his life. Bringing us to his Young Attractive Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Thankful she caught him putting on the suit from the bag left by Ironman on his bed at the end of Homecoming, it allowed us to believe Spider-Man doesn’t have to live with this anonymity issue any further.

She’s centered stage left of him at a Displaced by the “Blip” meeting(The name they give the Snap or decimation in the movie). That’s the explanation of the Blip. 5 yrs passed for those unaffected, not snapped away, those who came back as they were before the snap ever happened! So They are done speaking and an awkward Peter retreats back stage with Auntie May, when Happy Hogan arrives with another awkward moment, and a check from Pepper Pots and the Stark Relief Foundation. This seems to be an ongoing issue through-out Far From Home (FFH). These awkward and awkwardness parts displayed by mostly veteran actors? I didn’t get it. I wanted to see them power through and hoped the film would lead us out of the dark Endgame ending with laughter and momentum. Instead I got confused by these seemingly insecure moments between actors better equipped to play roles beyond my understanding. I’ve seen them tackle movie after movie with ease and grace yet stumble over simple lines and moments a child could act out blindfolded! But the movie progresses smoothly from this point on, after another Peter – Ironman moment, where Parker reminisces as he avoids yet another call from Furry, a painting of Ironman to the right of him, is another touching tribute to our fallen hero. Peter starts his packing, choosing to ignore Mays advice to bring his suit on his Summer Vacation abroad, his excuse that Europe doesn’t need a friendly neighborhood spider, he is then seen looking out the plane. (Let’s notice here, a clip from the trailer where Peter does his best Peter Piper Tongue Twister moment, Saying, “Peter Parker here to Pick a Passport Please!” Is missing.) After a ride where Parker tries his best to get near and close to his love interest in the movie, MJ (Zendaya) –

The Trip starts off with some light humor directed at a dump of a hotel, which the Chaperones try twisting to the positive and the kids, lacking adult minded positive affirmative reinforcement skills, look 👀 and specifically point out it’s purely a dump and nothing more. Told to meet up at some local Museum, unfortunately closed till November. The class, seemed separated, when disaster befalls our tour seeking group. Enter Mysterio.. he flies In to save them and the city from a Water Monster. Peter, without his suit on, tells Ned (Jacob Batalon) to move everyone away, less they see who Peter truly is. ( the more the movie goes on. The further it progresses, the more I realize how much his anonymity is a real point in the movie) Peter then Emphasizes to Mysterio his abilities, asking he be allowed to help topple one of Elementals! Mysterio seems to defeat this Water monster and saves the day, while bystanders clap and cheer. Back at the sinking hotel, Peter is on the phone with May, explaining they’ve all declined to leave. The rest of the class is watching a News cast, where they’ve just come up with the name for Hero as Mysterio.. Peter comes in on a conversation where Flash is explaining that Spider-Man helps him to be a better person. At which point Flash makes a rude comment directed at Peter. We move forward to where Furry has been siting in Peters Room waiting for him, and proceeds to tranquilize Ned, rendering him unconscious. Furry tells Parker that these Elementals are going to destroy earth and Peter is needed to come with Furry. (During this time, we have another one of those weird moments in the movie. A few people keep interrupting Furrys’ speech to Peter, causing him to threaten the next unannounced visitor. It seems pushed into the scene and not well received) Peter suit in toe, follows Furry to a bunker which is setting the seen for his first actual meeting with Mysterio.

Introduced as Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) tells Peter, call me Beck. At first, Peter recognizances him as Mysterio, after. a brief what? – leads to a Peter explaining , that’s what people are calling you! Furry says the Snap tore a hole in our dimension, Peter explores the Multi-Verse with Beck, as others look on with dumbfounded & uninterested faces. Peter apologizes for his science like rant, while Beck tells him to never apologize for being the smartest person in a room. (One of the best Lines in any Movie). Furry explains where the Fire Elemental will be attacking, telling Peter he is coming with. Peters first response is to try escaping his super hero duties and asking Furry to call Thor (off world) – Dr.Strange (unavailable) – Captain Marvel (Don’t envoys her name)(what? lol) ! He tells them he can’t be seen in Europe as Spider-Man or the world will figure out his identity! (Again with the Identity thing. You now see it’s a common story thread within this movie for a very specific reason). Furry says he understands (in an unconvincing manner), telling Peter to return to his class before they get suspicious of him. Parker returns. Upon awakening learns that the class will be going to Prague Czech Republic, in a Furry Upgraded armored Bus. Peter says to Ned, Looks as if Furry has hijacked our Summer Vacation, to which Ned replies, “Cool!” The trip moves on, with a Funny Bus scene where Peter (using Starks handed down tech glasses called EDITH.. standing for.. Even Dead Im The Hero) almost kills Brad, a class mate seeking MJs’ affection. Once Peter and Beck destroy the Fire Elemental, they meet for a drink at a local bar. Peter confines in Beck, telling him he misses Tony and the world desperately needs the Next Ironman. Beck asking what Peter wants. Is told nothing more then to go back on his trip with MJ, the girl he likes, to tell her how he feels. Then Peter makes a choice after rationalizing it’s the right decision, hands EDITH over to Beck. Peter leaves the bar, and the Truth is revealed! Beck.. is Mysterio and Mysterio is EVIL. Beck, at the bar, full of people who once had an unflattering experience with Tony Stark directly, explain their Evil Plan. Full of illusions and well designed choreography, this evil group set out to destroy Spider-Man and kill Furry! Meanwhile Peter goes to the hotel where Ned informs him they are heading home in the morning. Despite the fact that the threat seems over, and the last Elemental defeated, they’ve decided not chance it, and return to the US. Peter and MJ decide to take a walk alone, where MJ says she has been following him and knows he is Spider-Man. Peter denies it at first, once MJ shows Peter proof that the webbing on the hologram projector she found matches the same used by Spider-Man, a brief Monster appears, and they both realize Mysterio has duked everyone. Peter finally admits to MJ he is Spider-Man!

Peter insists they leave, as he admits his mistake in trusting Beck and handing over EDITH, the one thing left behind to Peter by Stark! They hurry away and it cuts to Mysterio and Ralphie (Lets see who gets that) trying out their new plan with aid from EDITH. Then it’s discussed that the one bot giving Beck issues is missing a projector and they find out Peter and MJ now know of their Evil Plan! The Movie flows nicely from this point on. Peter hurry’s from his Hotel Room in his Stealth Suit to find Furry and explain his mess up. So he’s off! Once he arrives in Berlin, and tries finding where he should go, Furry Pulls up miraculously! He gets in and they goto a Building implied to be a headquarters of sorts. Maria Hill is there so we’re lead to believe and Peter starts explaining Beck is evil, and they shouldn’t trust anyone.(implied again) Mysterio hits Furry with a Blast and he falls, while Peter is confused and falls as illusions surround him and they fight to Mysterio explaining his plan while degrading Parker. Then outside another illusion, this time Furry, getting Parker to reveal who else he has told about Mysterio being evil. Then Mysterio reappears to toss Spider-Man into an oncoming Train! Peter thought to be dead(Seriously) by Mysterio, gets a hold of Happy Hogan and he arrives in the Jet over a field of tulips 🌷! Peter makes sure Happy is Happy by asking him to tell Peter a moment only the two would know. Happy gets Peters on the ship and after another Emotional Entanglement over Tony, they get a plan. Kick Becks Ass. Meanwhile Furry is in a Building in London.( Mysteriously and Weirdly with no explanation as to why he is now trusting Mysterio despite Mysterio just Shooting him moments before). Mysterio flies in front of Furry saying he will do a perimeter sweep and reports to his lackeys “No Avengers!” Peters friends on a bus are stuck on a bridge as the next Illusion comes full play. Maria hill takes off atop the building as Spider-Man arrives to save the day. Beck ends up losing. Despite yet another effort to fool Parker with Illusions. This time Peter uses his Peter Tingle and gets Beck and repossess EDITH, getting her to Execute all the Robots! The movie ends with Beck dead and Furry telling Happy that Parker better call him or it’s Happys’ Ass! Then Peter is comforting Happy and Aunt May about their awkward relationship! As they ramble on, Peter says he has a date and leaves texting MJ on the way. He picks her up and they go Slinging through the city by use of Spider Webs. Once he puts her down, she says she’ll never do that again and Parker says he has to Leave now, when on the TV in middle of the city a news channel is talking about the London Issue and Mysterios death, to which they show us a Video of Mysterio dying and saying Spider-Man just killed him, and shows doctored video of Spider-Man indicating he used EDITH to kill Mysterio! Then the news channel cuts to the Daily Bugle Owner J. Jonah Jameson Jr (the one that actually played him in all previous Spider-Man Movies). Who Yells to all that Spider-Man is the killer of the Hero Beck aka Mysterio! The Movie Ends.. with Mysterio telling the World Spider-Mans True Identity… Peter Parker.. Then we get to End Credit Scene which I thought was the best.. Furry and Hill, driving in their Audi and after a brief silence, Hill Turns into Talos’ Wife wile Furry turns into Talos. Then he makes a call at his wife’s persistence to Furry and explains he Gave the Glasses to the Kid days ago, and things happened and people are asking about the Avengers and he thinks Furry should come back. It fades to Furry laying on what looks like a beach and we see Furrys’ Phone with Talos on it and he hangs it up. The Real Furry stands up and walks and the beach dissolves away because he is on a Ship and that was an illusion also. Furry walks barefooted yelling to others including Skrulls, to get back to work. Then asks where his shoes are? Movie is over. Man oh man full of Illusion I have to say, it was a grand movie and it certainly packed a heavy punch, Full of Excitement! I’m glad I watched it and look forward to it again! ❌MSF

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  1. Great review of the movie! I personally loved it! Let me just say that this site is amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing it blossom and expand even bigger to be a one stop spot for all things Marvel related! Great concept!

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