Walmart Exclusive Thanos Breakdown & Review

Marvel Legends 6″ Figure Thanos Walmart Exclusive Breakdown & Review

Thanos Exclusive  So let’s discuss This Walmart Exclusive (Not Sure Why, Considering Walmart Never has one to Offer..)  Created by Jim Starlin, Thanos – Comic Version (1st Appears in Ironman #55) He often battles the likes of X-Men, Deadpool, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers… This figure goes to amazing extremes to detail its Comic counterpart, showing how awesome this Powerful Villain actually is. Thanks to the Avengers, I have learned to love the Villain. Here’s why. So I would watch these Super Hero’s Fight and Fight and usually spend a lot of time fighting each other, not just once but over and over. Due to this, I’d long for the Villain to come in and take the focus off – the fighting of the Good vs Good and turn it to the Good VS Evil where it should have been from the start. I hate seeing good guys battling each other. It’s like trying to get Corn to grow from a Banana plant.. An Almost Impossible effort wasted on something unlikely to see fruition ever. (Plans do not always work). How ever. Sometimes the Good Vs Good is something worth watching, like when you see a Good Guy in a Movie trying to one up the Other Good Guy, leading the way to witty, funny, and often humorous banter (See The Odd Couple). See, pinning a Good Guy In an Action movie against another brings me to tears..(not literally) That then makes me so excited when I see the Good Guys come together to conquer and defeat the Evil Villain.. now .. when the Villain doesn’t lose, that makes for a Twist worth watching. And I would watch that over and over. Why do you think the Comics did so So SO well…?.?..? Because the good guys didn’t always win, leading to the next Comic where you would go to see what happens next and who would win at the end..  With the first Ironman movie (Suggested by my Wife’s subtle demand)(irony) I watched with skepticism.. not sure about Superhero Movies after being let down before and over and again.. Something Changed at the End.. I wanted More… and so it continued with an additional 21 movies. And within that tapestry of well orchestrated adventure and fun, we were given a Big Bad Super Villain lurking and waiting for His chance to pounce.. and pounce he did.. with a Vengeance!  Thanks to Marvel and the MCU, I was introduced to a new and improved, yet totally relatable Thanos. I loved it, and Loved to Love the Bad Guy.. With his super Grin, evil and sinister looks, this bad guy showed compassion, honesty, heart. He showed us that in his evil mind he seemed not Evil at all.. Thanos had an agenda, a plan..but it wasn’t just about impressing Mistress Death, it was about promoting a plan of mass genocide.. not so good for half of all life.. Think I’d prefer Ms. Death.   Thanos had me going to the comics to see what he had to offer. What made this Purple People Eater tick? What was his true motives, idea, concepts? What did he want to accomplish, what was he willing to risk? And most of all what was Thanos’s Endgame?  Well Comic Thanos differs much from MCU Thanos, as we have just discussed somewhat without trying. And like the comics and movies, The figures Differ too..  Comic Version – like we are breaking down here, has a much different look to him, then that of the MCU Figure. He is shorter in stature and his apparel represents the Comic Version well. The Figure Moves well… His joints- arms, legs, and elbows all move easily and he stands without needing aid from a stand of any kind. The color is awesome here, although this figures color is lighter than that of the other comic version Thanos (from Thanos BAF Wave 2015), it’s strikingly different yet unique. The two Comic Version of Thanos do an amazing job in displaying a desired effect. Just as the two MCU BAF Thanos also do.  This Thanos price listed at $29.99 from Walmart is a Golden Star price and awesome! Too bad it’s not really a price one would pay, because it’s never available from Walmart, anywhere – ever. I’ve spent Many Many Months, Weeks, days, Hours, minutes and valuable seconds calling, contacting and writing Walmart. I’ve spoken to customer service reps, supervisors in customer care, on the phone, managers in stores, multiple stores, all over the country, all a – Giant Waste of time and effort better spent searching for a quality price online instead. This Thanos is a Must Have for any Collectors Collection! It’s cool old school look, resembles that of days past, when life gave us Comics that made us read and wanting more and more.. Thanos may be Evil, He May stare down his opposition with a look of complete admiration for their sole purpose in life, and still find a way to defeat them. Their plan to stop him often wasted by their inability to match wits with Thanos (The Super Villain leader of the Black Order ( or Cull Obsidian)) is the downfall that leads to Thanos being victorious ….

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