Marvel Legends 6″ Captain America “Always Worthy!”

My review is straight forward. This Captain America Figure is suppose to be one that’s available through Walmart. Again, I find the main issue is that this Figure isn’t anywhere to be found in any Walmart near or around my location In Pennsylvania. A continued theme brought forth by lack of Stocking Space for designated merchandise per vendor per requested purchase. Long and short of this, Companies are cheap, but want us to buy from them.   With His introduction to Comics back in March of 1941, a man out of time, surely was his Identity problem. Dealing with the fact he was frozen in Ice at the end of World War II and brought out of animated suspension during real time present, he became the successful leader of the Avengers Team.  The Figure itself is relatively a super cool Figure, his detailed Shield 🛡 is the only one (except the Civil War three pack edition) that has two silver two red rings. The others have that two red – one silver look – going from red into the blue surrounding the star with no outline of silver. The Mesh material making up his upper torso appearance is much better and more detailed than that of say – the Infinity War or Civil War three pack even. The Civil War One has more solid coloring used where this one has Intricate detailing throughout the upper body. Similar to that of Ebony Maw for instance! 

We can see what I’m talking about here in this image! Next detail are the straps over Caps Shoulders, as they feature no metal buckle (less look). Even going back to a 2015 Version there are metal buckles present despite how small, yet here we get a clean look and no buckle. His chin strap more defined and unlike the Civil War edition – where it looks more like small facial hair or a beard, this strap is defined and colored. The A for Avengers logo is much more defined as well with silver being the defying factor instead or burgundy. His utility belt seems similar to other and so does his lower extremities, but the boots may be neater and more presentable!  The main two compliments to this figure are the why he is “Always Worthy” factor added to his name by collectors all around. Well they’ve chose to call it “Worthy,” while I choose “Always Worthy!” Here is why!  First and foremost he is Captain America guys. He is the most patriotic, helpful, heroic, iconic – well intentioned Avenger Ever. He symbolizes everything Good with being Good, and defers the negative and evil to lesser individuals who put self interest and their own greed first. Captain America or Steve Rogers has always been a symbol of hope, power, happiness & longevity! He has come from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the mountain 🏔 and has done so with respect & grace for his talents and abilities. Captain America isn’t a Show-boater, doesn’t flaunt his skills or isn’t in it for recognition. This is why despite moving Mjolnir in “Age Of Ultron.” Steve Has chosen the path of least resistance, despite being prosecuted for such beliefs. He has taken on the government and the Avengers to prove nothing more than he was right. That the Greater Good Suffers – when the Avengers are restricted by bad diplomacy & government interference.   Mjolnir doesn’t make Rogers – Worthy – despite what others say. Nor does that -forever reappearing shield he throws with ease and grace. No Marvel Fans, what makes Captain America..Steve Rogers “Always Worthy,” is his ability to grab our Heartstrings, and make us feel for the good in each and every person. He is “Always Worthy” because he does what needs to be done, despite being beat up and mulled over. Rogers is the shining light, the beacon of Hope and Aspirations. Truth in the bitter despair of lies, honesty where insincerity is holding on – Love over hate, and most of all Good where bad wants in. No Marvel Fans Captain America has to be ..”Always Worthy!” And so that concludes my Review. I give this Captain America 7 Golden 🍏 out of 10! Making it a Win Win for a Worthy Adversary..!! 

Always Worthy”

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  1. This company is great they sent me three comic books in great condition and a shirt they were all packed nicely and over all they just have great service and the owner Dominick is super kind and the other employees are super nice as well just over all a great company

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