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I love comics. I’ve been reading comics all my life. I think comics even helped me learn how to read! I would buy them from the drug store when I was a kid and I got really into Batman and DC when the first movie was coming out. I went to a comic store every Friday in university and then lapsed after I was done. Got back into comics with Bendis on Daredevil and Millar on Ultimates and have been reading mostly Marvel again ever since. I’m a Canadian farmer and I love my wife and kids! 

House of X

House of X #1-  Master world-builder Jonathan Hickman of Fantastic Four/Avengers/New Avengers/Infinity/Secret Wars fame, now has his hands on reshaping the entire X-Men line starting with this first issue of House of X! Professor X is back and has been secretly planting the seeds to usher in a new era for Mutants to live and co-exist in today’s world. I loved the background intermingled with the story and it’s full of Hickman footnotes as it guides you through Xavier’s plan. The story also simultaneously introduces a secret antagonist group as a clandestine eventuality protocol to address the concerning mutant situation. I loved the meeting with Reed Richards and Scott Summers as it comes down to a Mexican standoff! And Magneto has some amazing mic-dropping lines as he talks to the Human ambassadors. And the stunning art team of Larraz and Gracia make some incredible moments and really add to the tension of every scene! If you’re a Hickman fan you know you are in for a treat with this long haul story and as in his previous books the payoff reward will be magnificent! This is an excellent start to what will definitely be an important and game-changing book in the X-Men legacy! 

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