Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1 Hot

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1

Hot off the heels of Jason Aaron’s ‘War of the Realms’ event is his, and Al Ewing’s (Immortal Hulk) next chapter in the life of Jane Foster. (Note- You should read War of the Realms:Omega before this issue!) During the War, Brunhilde and the rest of the Valkyries perished and Jane was once again summoned to wield one of the hammers of Thor from another dimension. That hammer broke but became…something else. Now she has answered the call and became the new hero and is adjusting to her new powers while trying to find balance as her life as a doctor. And she has a new responsibility as she chases a familiar Marvel villain. The art by Cafu and Aburtov is slick and vibrant! I’m looking forward to seeing how Jane rises to her new life and the challenges it comes with. 

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