Powers of X #1

Powers of X #1

So where House of X takes place in the present day, Powers has 4 different timelines: the past with Charles thinking about the beginnings of joining Mutants together, the present which is what’s happening in House of X, 100 years in the future, and 1000 years in the far future. This issue is mostly about the 100 years in the future and I liked all of the historical footnotes that explain the setting and why all of the Mutants have multiple powers and the war vs Humans/Machines. There’s a mutant with combined Rasputin x-genes like Magik with the steel skin of Colossus that is so extremely cool and blowing my mind! I had to re-read it to understand the timelines but now it’s taking shape. Hickman likes grand epic sweeping stories and this concept is so ambitious and I’m excited! 

(Note: this series should be read alongside House of X to all eventually make sense. When Hickman wrote Avengers you also had to read New Avengers to get the entire story.)

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