Mysterio vs Mysterio

Mysterio is a Supervillain in Marvel Comics, and he is a failed actor but gifted special effects artist. His true identity is that of Quentin Beck turned Villainy when his lofty Hollywood aspirations passed him by. He first wanted to frame Spider-Man for a museum robbery with Beck portraying himself the hero – something Beck tries to do quite a bit. Only to end up defeated by Spider-Man instead. Deciding to stop at nothing, in an attempt to get even with Spidy, Beck would eventually stop at nothing to get back at Parker. This leads to Beck becoming a long standing rogue of Spider-Mans.

This review is touching base on Two of my Favorite Figures in my Personal Collection.. Mysterio (GreenHead) Mysterio (WhiteHead).. So let me first start by saying it drives me absolutely insane to have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a single figure. I paid way too much for my Mysterio (Greenhead) and thought I got a deal from a friend on my Mysterio (Whitehead). Originally I thought that the WhiteHead was the Unique one and once I looked around the Variant was actually the GreenHead. So long short, I had to take one for the team and get the Rare GreenHead at any costs. Why? Because what’s a real Marvel a Collection without that Rare super hard to find Figure? I decided that it was worth investing in as they are not making new ones anytime soon. It’s actually a discontinued item. So what’s out there is out there. I spoke with a guy selling a Rare Figure the other day, he was incredibly rude and suggested that his over priced item was worth it, and that I couldn’t buy from him anyway. because I merely pointed out how over priced his pricing was. This guy won’t have customers long. so I won’t sweat it. The detailing on Mysterio Whitehead shows up much better than that of GreenHead & read it’s a matter of personal preference as to which someone would like to get and make part of their collection.  I agree – but disagree also.. I think sometimes there is that figure you just have to get and add to your collection at all costs. Like Ironman for example. I wasn’t interested in getting a bunch of different Ironman at first, however you have to get waves and then you usually end up with many different variations of the same figure. That’s what happened with Ironman…

In ending.. Mysterio either way is a great pick up.. a must have. Maybe choose which one best suits you and your budget first. Then go buy the one you want, but look around first. As sometimes you find a good deal. My Whitehead Mysterio is by far my favorite even if GreenHead Mysterio carries a hefty price tag..

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