Absolute Carnage #1

Absolute Carnage #1

Donny Cates did warn us that we wouldn’t be ready for this and he did not disappoint! All of the hints dropped in all of the Marvel books and all of the Web of tie-ins  has led up to this moment. Carnage is back and Cates has written such a great backstory with the God Knull and the reason for all of the symbiotes in the first place, it’s epic and amazing. The story pacing is intense and terrifying, like a true horror movie! There’s so much on the line that you feel Eddie’s terror and for the first time this isn’t just a bad guy vs Super guy fight. It seems like the end of all things if Carnage wins. And I say this every time but the art in this book by Ryan Stegman is the best I’ve ever seen him create, he’s firing on all cylinders and it’s crazy and brilliant. And at the end this book leaves the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers! Be afraid, be very afraid!

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