Hox is stellar, More Carnage, and MJ saves the day!

It’s harvest time where I live so I’m trying something new this week so bear with me! 

House of X 3- After the end of Pox last week this issue starts with the latest version of Moira and all of her knowledge, and it’s straight up old school X team action. Plus Emma makes her entrance and gets Sabretoothbout of jail just not the way you’d think!

Absolute Carnage 2- Peter and Eddie make a daring escape and Kletus and Norman have some issues. Plus Scorpion and Miles enter the event with drastic consequences! The Stegman art is off the chain!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 11- This is my pick of the week and it stars MJ and why she’s the best! So many times she’s on the sidelines but she’s seen it all and we see it from her perspective and it’s a charming and sweet story. 

Carnage tie-ins: Venom 17- It’s mostly from Dylan’s pov while he and Normie are hiding with Maker, then the symbiotes from Separation Anxiety show up!

AC: Lethal Protectors 1- A very misleading cover and title as it’s about Misty and continues the story from Cult of Carnage. 

AC: Miles Morales 1- If you read the last 2 pages of Absolute Carnage 2, this just stretches that part out.

Spider-Man Life Story: The ‘10’s -6 A very heroic and epic ending as Peter is the hero and sees it through to the end. Great and heartwarming story. 

Amazing Spider-Man 28- it’s a bit of a crazy story and Beetle has major issues. I’m really starting to like Fred!?

Avengers 23- The team is basically fighting a haunted Celestial! It’s a bit wild with all the Ghost riders but I’m not sure where it’s going yet.

Captain America 13- Cap is on the run and still trying to be Cap in a world that can’t forget what Hydra Steve did and can’t tell the difference. Neat story from his perspective.

Dr. Strange 18- This was a fun story and starts so unexpectedly and crazy! I actually loved it and it was a fresh one off break from the previous long storylines. Great art too!

Runaways 24- This is such a fun book every month! I loved the team up and how it’s about the two teen girls who set off to fight crime and how do they even start?

Thor 16- Mostly a reset and starting point after the War of the Realms ended and has a few leads as to where this book will go from here.

She-Hulk Annual 1- Fun story about Jen and how she’s not quite herself? And Bullseye is thrown in and it’s a bit of a confusing ride but it was ok.

Thanos 5- Another chapter of Gamora’s first days as Thanos’s captive while on board a ship who’s soldiers watch him descend into madness. 

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