Immortal Hulk #23

Immortal Hulk #23

This is by far the best Horror book that Marvel has ever made! I love the Hulk alerts on tv, like a tornado warning. And Rick Jones new powers are creepy and so cool. Betty as the Harpy is something I want to see more of, especially the dark, creepy take! Is Doc Sampson dead? I honestly don’t know anymore in this book. Puck is full of Rage and so is Titania. And this is the awesomest version of the Abomination we’ve ever seen. And of course the Hulk is at his best, most immortal, incredible best. The art by Bennett, Jose, and Brabo kind of reminds me of the old EC horror stuff, which is truly fitting. And the colors by Mounts and Milla has such a consistent cool tone that ties the book together from beginning to end. One of the best books out there right now.

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