Worthy Captain America

This is easily one of the best Captain America figures made by Hasbro. The packaging is very nice with stunning artwork by Jerry Wilson on the back. 

For accessories we have his iconic shield, Mjolnr and an amazing Steve Rogers unmasked head sculpt. There is some great sculpt work in the hair and the likeness to Chris Evans is mindblowing.

Now we get to the actual figure and it is truly a work of art. First we’ll take a look at the amazing headsculpt. The likeness to Chris Evans is incredible in my opinion. Easily one of the most impressive head sculpts to come from Hasbro. There are nice details in the helmet including rivets and lines sculpted in there.

Moving on to the body we can see the sculpted scales on the suit that everyone is raving about. In my opinion the scales are quite screen accurate (besides the color) and really capture  the classic Captain America look. One thing that’s really impressive with this figure is the frame and proportions. His big broad shoulders are quite accurate to Chris Evan’s own physique. The paint apps are quite clean on this copy but I’ve seen others with messier paint so be careful when buying one. The upper torso seems to be based on the marvel legends Infinity War cap but retooled. There are nice details on the arms as well. The shoulder pads have great detail including a small Avengers symbol.

Moving down to the legs they are similar to the Infinity War Cap. There are solid details in here although there is not much going on paint wise. I really like the boots, there are some nice buckles and straps sculpted in there.

For articulation it is pretty standard. He has all the articulation points such as double jointed elbows and knees, bicep swivels, ab crunch etc. I will say that his big shoulder pads can sometimes get in the way of the bicep swivel but it is not too big a deal. His head moves up fairly far as well. And of course he has ankle pivot!

Overall this figure is incredible. For any MCU collectors this is a must get. The frame of the figure is fantastic and the shield and hammer are incredibly well detailed. The sculpted details are fantastic and the poseability allows for great action shots. One of my favorite marvel legends.

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