Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man Review

Here is the new Big Time Spider-Man. The package has a very cool color palette matching the suit; a vibrant green against the black. There is some fantastic artwork on the side with a nice product shot on the back.

Here we have the figure out of his packaging and this Spider-Man is absolutely fantastic. He comes with interchangeable hands with great detailing on them and one strand of webbing. This webbing has been used before and really isn’t that impressive or needed but a nice inclusion nonetheless. It is made of soft plastic but isn’t poseable. The body is a reused mold so there isn’t much to talk about sculpt wise. Where it really shines is the paint apps.

Starting with the headsculpt we have this brilliant vibrant green for the eyes. Be careful when picking out your Big Time Spider-Man as the paint can get messy on other copies. The head is reused from the black suit Spider-Man. 

Moving on to the body we have the brilliant green paint used for some really clean deco throughout the figure. There are multiple coats used and the black barely shows through if at all. Again, my copy luckily had much cleaner paint apps than other copies I’ve seen so make sure to be aware of that when picking up yours. 

The rest of the figure is a solid black which contrasts nicely with the green.

For articulation it is what we expect from a pizza spidey mold. However on my copy his backwards crunch is somewhat limited which is odd. You can push it all the way back but there is resistance and it will just spring back. I have heard this issue come up with a few other Big Time Spideys. The forward crunch however is unaffected and great!

This figure is a long awaited one after the previous Big Time Spider-Man and it delivers! Strong clean paint on a black suit body really brings the comic book design to life! A few minor QC issues and the lack of backwards crunch on my copy are the only setbacks. That however doesn’t stop the figure from being an absolute joy to pose and play around with. Highly recommended for any Spidey fan!

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  1. I love This Figure! When I first saw it I wasn’t sure.. but man it Pops… So I’m glad I got it.. also an amazing Breakdown by Thomas.. way to go buddy.. it’s amazing the simplicity of a Figure, yet the detail and scope we as collectors look at and for.. wonderfully put!

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