Marvel Legends Mark LXXXV (85) Iron Man

Here we have the Mark 85 Iron Man in package. This guy is jam packed with stuff! The box has some nice images of the Iron Man suit.

Here we have Iron Man out of the packaging and I’m quite happy with this figure. Just a quick look at the baf piece and it is Thor’s arm. There’s some nice wrinkles in there and there’s an interchangeable hand for the time traveling GPS.

He’s got quite a few accessories here. The blast effects have been used many times before and this time there’s a nice teal blue color. Personally I prefer orange or yellow blast effects but this is nice. And they included four effects which is quite generous. He also comes with interchangeable hands and they BOTH have hinges! This is a nice touch as previous Iron Man figures didn’t have hinges in the repulser blasting hands. My only gripe is that Hasbro wasn’t as ambitious with the accessories on him. They proved they could make nano tech weapons on the Mark 50 Iron Man so I wish they included some weapons here with Tony. I would have preferred that over blast effects or the nano tech I finish gauntlet.

Included with this figure is a nano tech infinity gauntlet! It actually comes in two separate pieces; an interchangeable fist and a piece that goes on the wrist like a giant bracelet. This can be put on figures such as Thanos or the Hulk. There is some nice detailing here and the stones are nicely painted.

On to the actual figure we have a great headsculpt that is quite screen accurate. Mine has a little extra paint around the mouth but it’s not too big a deal. I really like the gold paint used as it is quite metallic looking. The ref here is also quite rich; a lot more vibrant than some other Iron Man figures.

Moving on to the body the first thing I notice are these weird spots on the chest where it looks like the figure had some paint scraped off or something? It doesn’t bother me too much though as the rest of him is fantastic. Aside from that I also like the proportions on this figure; it is nano tech so it’s considerably more tight fitting yet he has a strong bulky frame. There are so many sculpted details on the suit including lines and rivets for the armored plates. The paint apps are used smartly here and bring out quite a bit of detail and definition from the sculpt. Again, for a marvel legend the paint used is great! The red and gold are quite metallic and rich. The arc reactor and eyes are painted with a nice bright white which I like, it’s a lot more screen accurate than having them be blue. 

The arms and legs are predominantly gold as an homage to the classic Iron Man design and coupled with the mechanical details look great! It reminds me of the Mezco Iron Man where the gold parts had mechanical details such as lines and bolts.

He stands pretty well against these other MCU Iron Man figures. And the nano tech weapons from the Mark 50 do work with this guy! He is a darker red than the other figures and as can be seen has way better colors than the original Mark 50.

This figure is easily one of the best Iron Man figures to come from hasbro, even taking the comic Iron Man figures into account. There are so many details on this figure that make it stand out and the design of the suit is overall just a very cool design. Out of all the Mark 85 Iron Man figures out there you definitely get your money’s worth with this one. Obviously the figure itself can’t compare to shf but for the price you’re getting a lot with this figure. The only downsides are the lack of nanotech weapons for Iron Man. I wish hasbro was a little more ambitious with this figure and included the giant weapon/blaster on his back or some blades weapons. Or even the nano tech gauntlet for Tony. But the accessories we do get are alright. Overall this is a great figure that captures the look of the armor from the movie quite well!

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