Marauders #1

Marauders #1

Of all of the new titles from Hickman’s X-Men relaunch, this one is the unanimous favourite and I’ll tell you why! As seen in House/Powers of X there are now portals to take mutants to the island of Krakoa all over the world. The main hook of this book is that Kitty Pryde tries to go through one and finds out that it won’t let her through. This makes her upset and confused but doesn’t let that stop her from hijacking a boat and sailing there. She then initiates her own mission to help mutants all over the world who are prevented from accessing the portals by various factions by sailing them to the island. The dialogue from Duggan is sharp and witty and so fun to read! The art by Lolli and Blee is action packed and dramatic. This is going to be a great series as we watch Kate(Kitty) be taken more seriously and her crew of X-Men pirates! Plus there is another side to this series with Emma Frost and the new Hellfire club. It has it all plus the mystery of why she can’t go through the portals which I’m dying to know the reason. All this and stunning covers by Dauterman makes this an instant fav! 

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