S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Advanced Suit (PS4) Review

Here we have the SH Figuarts Spider-Man from the hit game! The packaging is pretty standard; there is a nice window in the front to see the figure and the back has some nice product shots. There are nice pics of Spider-Man on the sides of the box.

Here is Spidey with all of his accessories; as you can see there is quite a bit stuffed into the packaging. He comes with interchangeable eyes and an interchangeable head. He also comes with his spider drone, web bombs and his phone. He comes with ten pairs of hands including: fists, thwipping hands, wallcrawling hands, relaxed hands, phone holding hands, and web holding hands!

Included as well are a bunch of different webs and a flight stand. The flight stand has no joints; it’s basically just a tall pole. The base is really nice though. The webs include thwipping swinging ones. There is also an incredible web loop that goes around Spidey’s hand. This is an incredible accessory and really smooths  out the look. The photos above really showcase the use of the webs. He also has a tool to help with changing the eyes and a little piece to plug into his back for the flight stand. 

First we will take a look at his phone and web bombs. The phone is a plain black piece of plastic with some minor sculpting such as a camera on the back. The web bombs have great details on them with some good silver paint. The spider drone is fantastic and has great details on it such as the lines and the eyes. The little stand it’s on is magnetic and can attach to the back of Spider-Man.

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These headsculpts are quite good and accurate to the game; unlike the marvel legends, these heads have an accurate head shape. The jaw isn’t too large which is great. The eyes

The eyes here all look great but my favorite ones are the normal ones that aren’t squinting or the extra large ones. The head sculpts have sculpted webbing plus grey paint; this makes the details really pop out.

The proportions and sculpting work on this piece are phenomenal. It really is incredibly accurate to the game. The sculpted weblines are also well defined thanks to the paint. The paint in general is extremely clean; the white really stands out and makes the suit and sculpting pop. The physique of this figure is also well done. It is just like the game model. A drawback however is that this buffer frame for Spidey hinders some of the articulation in the arms.

The articulation on this figure is exceptional; there were never any doubts about that. His movements are comparable to other import Spidey figures and better than marvel legends. His legs are able to kick all the way up to imitate and Spidey pose and he crunches extremely far forward (you can pretty much get any pose with this guy as evidenced in the photos above and below). So the only point of articulation I will be highlighting are the arms and the lack of a bicep swivel. The lack of a bicep swivel makes some poses more difficult to achieve as the range in the upper arms are more limited. This is as far as the arms could go (or at least as far as I could get them). In addition ***WARNING*** the joint connecting the arms to the body can get stiff or caught on the ridges in the body (due to the buffer physique). DO NOT force the arms too hard otherwise you will risk the joint snapping and breaking on you. Luckily it has not happened to mine yet. I recommend breathing on the joint to warm it up a little and to gently push the joint until it moves.

Now here is a size comparison. The SHF Spidey is tiny in comparison to regular marvel legends. This size difference doesn’t really bother me because the figure is fantastic and so far I’ve been posing him by himself.

Overall this is a great piece! The accessories add a playability and fun to the figure and the addition of the web loop around the hand is an inventive new accessory. The figure itself is extremely well sculpted and painted. The articulation for the most part is fantastic. My only real complaint are the shoulder joints which can be stiff and hard to move. Luckily it has not happened to me yet but I am afraid of using too much force for fear of it breaking. That however does not take away from all the good points of the figure! Highly recommended for any fan of the PS4 game or anyone looking for a high quality and super poseable Spider-Man!

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