Marvel Legends 3 Pack Jean Grey Wolverine Cyclops

Here it is! My first X-Men figures besides Wolverine! On first glance this three pack looks pretty sweet! Here is the front and back of the packaging and it is clearly inspired by the 90’s. I like the colors they chose to use for the box too. Enough box talk, let’s get into it!

Here we got three fantastic headsculpts! The battle damaged one has a lot of well sculpted knicks and scratches. It is the same as the 12 inch one. The Logan head is also well done with lots of realistic wrinkles. He comes with a hood for when he is unmasked. Finally we have the normal head. It is the same as the Apocalypse wave Wolverine but they fixed the ears; they flare out more. 

In addition to the headsculpts he has bone claws! To be honest I don’t completely get the hype. It’s pretty cool but I would like to see effects for cyclops or jean included instead. In regards to the actual figure sculpt wise and design wise it is basically the same as the apocalypse wave one. The biggest difference is the color. This wolverine has a lighter yellow and darker blue which is more accurate to the 90s cartoon and comics than the orange hue of the previous figure. 

Here he is next to the previous Tiger Stripe Wolverine. As can be seen the new one is a brighter yellow similar to the 90s cartoon. The blue is also less metallic and a bit darker; more like a deep navy. One of the most important differences is that the ears on the new one are wider; this looks better than the narrow ears of the old one. The metal claw hands are the same.

Here is Scott Summers and I don’t mean to throw shade but I am not too impressed with these headsculpts (get it? Shades cuz the glasses haha…). The headsculpts themselves are good and done well but I would much rather have head sculpts and effects similar to the vintage wave one. Maybe interchangable arms would be nice so we can have Cyclops without the jacket. Again these aren’t bad but I think the effort could have went into better accessories. Nothing too special about these.

The figure itself is well done! The jacket is the same as old man logan but the arms are new which is unfortunate BECAUSE ITS A SINGLE JOINTED ELBOW!!! I have no idea why they didn’t just use the old man Logan arms because they look around the same length. The single jointed elbow hinders articulation a bit; as you can see Cyclops can’t really reach his visor. The body underneath is the same as the previous cyclops; the straps and belt are quite nice and a vibrant yellow.  The legs are nothing special; just solid paint and a few straps. The straps are a little cumbersome as they can fall and get in the way. I don’t mind too much though. If I really wanted I could glue them in place. His articulation is normal, it is the bucky cap mold. The only weak point is the elbow which we discussed already. 

Now we look at Jean Grey, probably the most anticipated figure from this three pack. I think her face is well done, she is pretty and she looks different from other female figures. I also like the facial expressions on both. The hair is beautifully done on both. I think I prefer the full flowing hair as this is the hair she had most often in the 90’s cartoon and it is beautifully sculpted. 

Jean Grey here is beautiful; the paint is very clean and I like the variety in colors! Her shoulder pads are a more metallic blue and adds to the variety. The yellow is more of an orange and I like it. Her belt is loose and moves around and has fairly clean deco on the x. Jean has some interesting patterns like the blue on her arm and some pads on her legs. Her design is fairly simple and is executed well. Her articulation is what you expect. Her big hair prevents upwards looking and her shoulder pads hinder the shoulder movement especially the arm rotation. 

Here is a size comparison with a regular figure! I think the height is pretty good! They fit in well with each other.  I think Jean is a little too tall? It works perfectly fine though.

This three pack is a welcome addition to my collection and I’m very happy to officially start my X-Men collection with this pack! If you have previous versions of these figures you may want to pass as there isn’t too much that is super different but for me who didn’t have these characters I am very happy with them! I wish more effect pieces were added in but what they did include is nice! 

Thank you for reading and I hope this review was informative! Have a great day and keep collecting!

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