Marvel Select Unleashed/ Hulk

This is probably one of my favorite Hulk figures I own! I’ve  had him for awhile and he was my first ever hulk figure! He is an older marvel select figure so he could be  quite difficult to find now. If you can however i recommend getting him as he has a huge size presence and fantastic details! He’s a big one so let’s get into it!

First we’ll take a look at this fantastic headsculpt. There’s so much detail here in regards to the sculpt and paint. While being based on the hulk from the comics it also gives me Edward Norton Hulk vibes. He has really intense eyes but a pretty normal facial expression. I would have liked to see maybe an angrier hulk but this isn’t bad at all. 

The body has such an incredible level of detail. The musculature is really well done and well defined. This hulk works out! Moving on to the arms he has more veins than Hugh Jackman in days of future past. Again the paint and sculpt is incredible; dare I say Incredible Hulk?

Moving down he has really cool pants that are ripped around the knee. I like how you can see a little bit of green under the pants and I like the detail of how the pants are ripped. It looks very realistic. Finally we have the feet which look kind of gross. His toe nails are painted uncomfortably well. 

If there’s one area this figure falls flat it’s in the articulation. Diamond Select/Marvel Select figures often have more limited articulation. This hulk in particular is more of a “staction figure” than anything. Anyways his head doesn’t really move up but he can turn both ways before crossing the street. His arms can rotate 360 and move in and out. He’s got a decent elbow joint that doesn’t quite meet 90 degrees and wrist swivels. Some of the joints stick out a bit because they’re smooth. Doesn’t really bother me though. He has a nice waist swivel too. His legs don’t really kick out too much. His right leg in particular doesn’t move out at all, only his left leg can. He has decent knee bends that almost hit 60 degrees and an ankle joint that moves up and down. 

Now for some comparisons! Here he is next to the marvel legends Marvel Studios 10 Year anniversary hul! He is quite large and in charge almost reaching 9 inches! And here he is next to some a regular sized character such as Spider-Man. 

Overall I love this hulk and he is a massive presence in my marvel legends shelf. He can be used in a marvel legends or select display easily. He may not move much but that isn’t a big deal especially considering the detail they packed into him! If this was your only hulk figure I wouldn’t blame you he really is incredible! 

I hope this review was informative and you enjoyed it! Leave a comment down below on your thoughts on this figure! Until next time and keep collecting!

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