Marvel Legends Toybiz Spider-Man 2 Doctor Octopus 6 Inch

This is a figure I’m really excited to review! I used to have him as a kid but lost him to the cosmos but he has returned to me!! (Metaphorically, this is a random different one I found on eBay haha). Let’s get into it!!

Let’s start off with the head sculpt which for the time is quite fantastic! I definitely see the resemblance to Alfred Molina. There’s nice paint on the hair and facial features and the sculpt really isn’t that bad. Aside from the pretty bland facial expression this headsculpt is quite excellent. 

Let’s move on down to the body. Don’t worry about the tentacles; we’ll discuss them later! The body of Doc Ock himself isn’t too special. But it’s quite accurate to how Alfred Molina looked so no complaints. My only complaint is that there’s no nipples!! His chest is devoid of nipples and is fairly flat. It’s not too noticeable though because the jacket covers most of it. Speaking of the jacket it’s made of a fairly soft plastic which isn’t too bad. There’s some paint bleeding on the jacket but it isn’t too big a deal. The arms are sculpted pretty well with some nice wrinkles adding a lot of texture to the figure. There’s not a lot of paint detail on the jacket or gloves; it’s all basically one color. 

Around the belly there’s a lot of detail with the harness for the tentacles. I like the black wash in there; it really brings out the details. His legs have some nice sculpting as well. The pants are pretty normal, just a flat color with wrinkles. His shoes aren’t too bad, a nice maroon red with some sculpt and paint details. 

Now onto the good part; the tentacles! 😉 These are fantastic! They’re all made of a soft plastic with the top 2 having a bendy wire. The one I got is a little loose with the top tentacles and often just droop over. Sadly Doc over here has a little trouble keeping it up! 😉 

This bothers me a bit but I can’t really complain. The bottom two tentacles are mostly just soft rubber or plastic. They’re not poseable but definitely movable. The claws on the top two have a sharper design that’s quite accurate to the film. The claws all have 2 hinges which adds a lot to the playability of the figure. The bottom two have a tougher design also accurate to the movie. They too have two hinges each. Each tentacle has nice brown yellow paint on the outer edge and inside the “mouth” area. My only I guess “wish” would be that the tentacles have a more metallic or screen accurate paint.

Now on to the articulation. His head doesn’t really move up or pivot. It just rotates. His arms move out all the way and can rotate 360 degrees. He has the standard bicep swivel, double

jointed elbows and a wrist hinge/swivel. His hands have one joint in them so he can sort of grab things. His torso has no articulation at all not even a waist joint. The legs have those old school crotch joints that work well enough. He has an upper thigh swivel and double jointed knees. His feet go up and down and he has toe articulation! I already went over the tentacle’s articulation earlier. 

Overall I’m so so so happy with this figure! I’m so sad I lost mine when I was a kid but am so happy to find this one now. He is pretty pricey on eBay and such but I think he’s worth every dollar. Spider-Man 2 is my favorite film of all time and to finally have Doc Ock is just so satisfying. Again I’m a little disappointed that my tentacles are a little floppy but that doesn’t take away from my love for this piece!

Thank you for reading my review! I hope it was informative and you had fun going through it! Have a great day and keep collecting!

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