S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit

S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit

Here we have the S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man from Far From Home! On first look he looks pretty snazzy! The packaging is quite well designed and I like this little artwork here. I got this figure from my cousin’s trip to Japan; I guess you could say I got this figure FAR FROM HOME! If you don’t have cousins going to Japan you can purchase this figure from DMW online.

This is a fantastic figure with quite a number of accessories! He has two pairs of thwipping webs (short and long) and a web that’s meant for web swinging. These webs are good enough but I feel like they’re too gloppy and goopy? Guess things are a little too tight around the old web shooter eh? He also has quite a number of interchangeable hands including: fists, wall crawling, thwipping, relaxed, and web grabbing hands. He also has interchangeable eyes. The detail in the eyes are pretty nice and I like the silver paint used. He has a little piece you can put into his back to plug into a stand and a little tool to help interchange that and the eyes.

Getting to the sculpt of the figure itself it’s done really well! I like the thickness (that’s what she said) of the webs throughout the body. There is also a good amount of paint in the webs; just enough to make it pop but not too much to make it look distracting. Overall the headsculpt is great!

Moving on to the body we can see more of this great web pattern and sculpt work. I like the fine white detailing around the spider logo especially. The figure has an overall smooth design unlike the previous homecoming figure which had a lot of texturing. I like this smoother look a lot more. Throughout the body there are these really cool design lines that add more personality to the black sections of the suit. On the back there is really clean sculpt work and paint detailing as well, especially on the big white spider. The legs are also well done and screen accurate.

For articulation for the most part it is definitely better than your average marvel legends. The head is on a great neck joint with a neck hinge. His legs can spread open really wide 😉 and can really hit those dynamic Spidey poses. He also has a great knee bend and ankle pivot. There are two joints at the diaphragm and waist which allows for a huge range of movement. The only downside in articulation is the armpit joint and the lack of a bicep swivel. Sometimes the joint gets caught on itself and it can be hard to rotate the arm around and might snap. The joint itself can also get stiff so I recommend breathing on it to warm it up. I would not recommend a hair dryer in this instance because I feel that would warp the plastic. Besides the joint in the shoulder the rest of the arm is great and has the articulation expected of a regular Spider-Man figure.

Here is Spidey next to the Advanced Suit Spidey, the marvel legends Homecoming Spidey and a regular sized Spider-Man. As you can see he’s quite the shrimp but what he lacks in size he makes up for in quality.

Overall this is a fantastic piece that absolutely blows the marvel legends and select out of the water! So far this is the best figure representing the upgraded suit. The only downsides are the armpit joints but if you’re careful they shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for reading and keep collecting! 🙂

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