Mafex The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I am so excited to review this figure! This is a dream figure of mine and is something I’ve wanted since 2014. This review wouldn’t be possible without my good friend Aaron Young! You can find him on Instagram @younggunpics 🙂

Jumping right into this review here is everything that came with him! The only things missing are some web-line accessories and the stand. He comes with your standard hands:

•relaxed •web grabbing  •wallcrawling •thwipping •fists

First let’s take a look at this head sculpt! The biggest thing for me was the eye shape. On other TASM 2 figures the eye lens shape wasn’t quite right but on this Mafex figure they nailed it. There is a clear plastic over white which works very well and gives the lenses some depth. The detailing on here is immaculate as well; the web details and suit indentations are so well done and the paint matches with the webs very well for the most part. I also really like the rich metallic red used; I know a lot of people don’t like it but I think it works! The overall head shape replicated the look from the movies very well.

Moving down to the rest of the fig we have amazing detail with the rest of the suit. I like the blue used as it is a nice contrast with the rich bright metallic red. A thing that happens with the red paint however is the fading. As seen on the torso and the hands, they faded into a light pink. Luckily it isn’t too noticeable if you’re not actively looking for it. 

The spider logos came out really clean as well especially the back. In general I love the design of this suit and it is in my top 3 suit designs from the films.

For articulation you have what you expect for your import spideys. You’re able to hit all the poses from the movie and those spider-like poses from the comics. The joints can get a little loose (as this is the earlier days of Mafex) especially the hip joints.

Here’s some size comparisons. He fits into marvel legends scale very well! 

Is this the best Spider-Man figure ever? Probably not. Is it the best TASM 2 figure? Probably yes! I definitely should have gotten this guy years ago and I’m so lucky to have him now. If you’re able to get your hands on him don’t pass up the opportunity!

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