The Ultimates 2

The Ultimates 2

Hello there my fellow Marvel fans at DMW! Angel Fernadez back again, discussing all things Marvel. Today we focus on The Ultimates 2! This comic series serves as a continuation to the first Ultimates run, and I love it more than the first issues. Mark Millar returns to write and Bryan Hitch returns to draw, and oh boy do they deliver. The story for this run takes place a year after the events of the first Ultimate comics. It follows the Ultimates as they try to expand their operations to international lengths, meaning that the government is able to put superheroes in the army. Meanwhile, there is a plot to disassemble The Avengers– but you’ll have to read to find out the rest. This plot is great and the artwork is transcendent. This 13 issue series is much better than the first storyline because it is better written and binds The Ultimate universe together to make it feel more alive. It is difficult to talk about the plot without revealing more story spoilers. Just know this series has AMAZING art. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Have a good day everyone, and take care!

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