Spider-Man Masques

Hello everyone! Its Angel and i’m back from a mental health break and we are back in business and you can expect weekly reviews (or every other week if im unlucky) and im happy to be back so lets get into this book!
This trade paperback is a excerpt from the mcfarlane run of Spider-Man (issues 6,7,13,14,16 and X-Force issue 4) and is written by Todd Mcfarlane, Rob Liefield and Fabian Nicieza amd colored by Gregory Wright and Brian Murraye. It’s easy to forget that it takes several people to make a comic happen and they deserve the credit too. Whether you want to collect some missing issues or get a quick read this book will get the job done. It retails for $24.99 (or the price of one Marvel Legend) and I say it’s very worth it. It contains 3 stories that make for a fun time. The first one follows Spidey as he takes on a Hobgoblin with the help of Ghost Rider! This one has insane panels and you can really see the Mcfarlane’s art style pop. The storytelling is very good and you don’t need any prior knowledge to enjoy this. The second story involves a string of disappearances that lead Spidey into the sewers of New York, but in order to remain hidden he dawns a replica of his symbiote suit to hide in the shadows as he takes on Morbius! This is drawn very well and it is a great story that anyone can enjoy. The X force issue really surprised me because first off its sideways and it shows an epic battle between the X force and Spiderman against Juggernaut! The art is really amazing and you can see all the effort Liefield and Mcfarlane put in. This is definitely worth your while and ill be covering war of the realms next.
Take care everyone and make sure you pick up some figs! (message me on instagram @just_another_figure_collector if you want a certain comic reviewed)

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