War of the Realms (Issues 1 and 2)

War of the Realms (Issues 1 and 2)

War of the Realms is a six part series that I will be covering over the next few weeks I’ll be focusing on the main plotlines, not including the side stories that happen along the way.
This story is written by Jason Aaron, drawn by Russel Dauterman, and colored by Mathew Wilson. It opens on Malakith as he is gathering up the most fierce warriors of the 9 realms and attacking midgard starting in New York; and they don’t intend on stoping there! He brings everyone from trolls to frost giants, all with the intention of conquering the realm. Luckily enough, the heroes of the realm are ready to fight them off (and that’s as much as I can say in order to avoid spoilers).
First off, I must say I love the covers for this series. They literally pop off the shelf with all the incredible details. Issue #1 has so many epic battles. The writing is simply great, although at times it seems like the fight scenes drag on for a bit too long. Also, I will admit, it gets a little annoying seeing all the plugs they do for the side stories. But that’s just Marvel, I guess. Overall, this is an excellent read and certainly worth putting up with these minor flaws.
Take care and stay tuned for part 2 next week!

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