The War of the Realms

War of the realms issues 3 and 4 are written by Jason Aaron, drawn by Russel Dauterman, and colored by Mathew Wilson just like the first 2 issues. Just as a reminder I will always keep my synopsis of the story vague and short to avoid spoilers,
It picks off right where the story first left off with everyone regrouping at avengers mountain after the events of the previous issues. They begin a search for thor and they attempt to reclaim the bifrost and to destroy the black bifrost. They all fight with some succeeding in their mission and others failing. Overall I have to speak on the art and how amazing it is. As a casual comic reader the covers really made it stand out and I picked it up. One thing i have to mention again is how great the fight scenes are and how they really make me invested in the story. I do find the writing better in this part of the story, i am not saying the last 2 issues are bad i just find the writing here better. I do recommend you read these 2 issues and next week I will be covering the last 2 issues and giving an overall review.

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