The War Of The Realms

Hello DMW All Things Marvel. We are here today to discuss the epic conclusion to war of the realms! Again it is written by Jason Aaron, drawn by Russel Dauterman, and colored by Mathew Wilson just like the first 4 issues. If you are new to this please check out my other reviews so you’re all caught up and it would mean the world to me to keep your support. Please keep in mind I keep my reviews vague to avoid spoilers. Okay let’s get started!
We begin with our heroes fighting across all of midgard in order to keep Malekith’s forces at bay. And they begin to make a final stand in order to win the war and end all the suffering and destruction. Will the heroes of the nine realms succeed? Or will malekith’s forces claim all nine realms for himself? Find out by reading the issues. So overall this is an epic conclusion to the series. It really ends well and honestly I enjoyed this series. The writing was not the best at times such as in the beginning it felt slow but all the fighting sequences are amazing. All the details are really there and it’s a great series overall. I will admit I had some trouble finding this series at launch due to the fact there were so many variants that it was hard to find but I managed. Overall this is a great series and i think

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