Daredevil The Man Without Fear Continued..

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today we will continue the coverage of Daredevil, written by Brian Micheal Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maeev! The story continues with the aftermath of the Kingpins assasination attempt and Daredevil trying to figure out who put a hit on himself. Daredevil leaves no stone unturned, meanwhile Kingpins assassins are gonna find out that their actions have consequences. That’s all I will say for now to avoid too many spoilers.
Now i didn’t expect this comic to get better and it really is worth the read. I highly recommend this comic and I’m not even done reading it. The story is told very well from each character’s perspective and it is very enjoyable. I found myself really invested in this book and I overall can’t wait to finish. With a strong beginning and an even stronger middle i can’t wait to see how it ends.That’s all I have to say for now. make sure to buy some figures here, and make sure to follow me on instagram @just_another_figure_collector and tell me what you think or what you wanna see reviewed! Have a great day!

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