DareDevil Man Without Fear!

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today will be the final part of the Bendis run of Daredevil! Let’s get into it. The story kicks off with the murder of a poliece officer trying to stop a break in and it gets pinned on the White Tiger and Matt Murdock is convinced ti take the case to clear his name of the crime. Considering his identity was almost exposed he is hesitant but it still has to be done. That’s all I can say for now to avoid spoilers.
For this arc I really loved it. The drama from this court case is honestly really enjoyable and it’s very well written. Considering this lacks action it very well makes up for it in story. Overall the ending is very enjoyable and quite shocking considering how everything went. This book at retail is around 35$ and honestly it’s worth it. Each arc transitions very well and it is honestly a great read that doesn’t require much marvel lore knowledge. That’s all I have to say for now. make sure to buy some figures here, and make sure to follow me on instagram @just_another_figure_collector and tell me what you think or what you wanna see reviewed! Have a great day!

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