Spider-Man Ends Of The Earth

Hello DMW All Things Marvel!! Today we are covering The Amazing Spider Man: Ends of the earth. You may be familiar with this suit design from the Spiderman video game or even the Marvel Legends release. The story is written by Dan Slott and lets get into it. The story starts off with Spidey stopping a fire and explaining his new inventions when a dying Doc Ock holds the entire earth hostage. With every team that could stop him off world leaving earth defenseless. He offers the world an end to global warming but Spider man does not believe him. With the entire world questioning his motives, whether or not he is actually giving the world a cure or is he destroying it? That’s all I can say for now to avoid spoilers.
Overall I really enjoyed this story. It was nice to see the Avengers in this story yet you could tell they were side characters. The story is well written and paced and it honestly makes me want to pick up the marvel legend. The action and quips made this story very enjoyable and honestly I would recommend this to readers who have prior knowledge to the lore because it would be very confusing. That’s all I have to say for now. make sure to buy some figures here, and make sure to follow me on instagram @just_another_figure_collector and tell me what you think or what you wanna see reviewed! Have a great day!

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