Mafex The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I am so excited to review this figure! This is a dream figure of mine and is something I’ve wanted since 2014. This review wouldn’t be possible without my good friend Aaron Young! You can find him on Instagram @younggunpics 🙂 Jumping right into this review here is everything that came with him! The onlyContinue reading “Mafex The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit

S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit Here we have the S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man from Far From Home! On first look he looks pretty snazzy! The packaging is quite well designed and I like this little artwork here. I got this figure from my cousin’s trip to Japan; I guess you could say IContinue reading “S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit”

Marvel Legends Toybiz Spider-Man 2 Doctor Octopus 6 Inch

This is a figure I’m really excited to review! I used to have him as a kid but lost him to the cosmos but he has returned to me!! (Metaphorically, this is a random different one I found on eBay haha). Let’s get into it!! Let’s start off with the head sculpt which for theContinue reading “Marvel Legends Toybiz Spider-Man 2 Doctor Octopus 6 Inch”

Marvel Legends 3 Pack Jean Grey Wolverine Cyclops

Here it is! My first X-Men figures besides Wolverine! On first glance this three pack looks pretty sweet! Here is the front and back of the packaging and it is clearly inspired by the 90’s. I like the colors they chose to use for the box too. Enough box talk, let’s get into it! HereContinue reading “Marvel Legends 3 Pack Jean Grey Wolverine Cyclops”

S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Advanced Suit (PS4) Review

Here we have the SH Figuarts Spider-Man from the hit game! The packaging is pretty standard; there is a nice window in the front to see the figure and the back has some nice product shots. There are nice pics of Spider-Man on the sides of the box. Here is Spidey with all of hisContinue reading “S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Advanced Suit (PS4) Review”

Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man Review

Here is the new Big Time Spider-Man. The package has a very cool color palette matching the suit; a vibrant green against the black. There is some fantastic artwork on the side with a nice product shot on the back. Here we have the figure out of his packaging and this Spider-Man is absolutely fantastic.Continue reading “Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man Review”