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Marvel Legends Toy Reviews & Marvel Comic Reviews

The Black Order

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today we will be covering the Black Order comic series written by Derek Landy. Each issue starts with a different perspective of each member. The plot is the order trying to retrieve the bow of Gabriel for their own nefarious purposes. That’s all i’ll say for now to avoid spoilers.RidingContinue reading “The Black Order”

Daredevil The Man Without Fear Continued..

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today we will continue the coverage of Daredevil, written by Brian Micheal Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maeev! The story continues with the aftermath of the Kingpins assasination attempt and Daredevil trying to figure out who put a hit on himself. Daredevil leaves no stone unturned, meanwhile Kingpins assassins areContinue reading “Daredevil The Man Without Fear Continued..”

Below Are Some Amazing Toy Photography Pages & Comedy by Sonny .. Just Click

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New For 2021 WandaVision

Dr.Doom With the Fantastic 4

Red Hulk

ShartimusPrime Youtube by Clicking on his Image below…

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Shartimus prime reviews Marvel Legends War Machine Deluxe 2020 Target Exclusive Comic Hasbro Action Figure Review

Check Out Anthony Jenson Art Work For Sale Below. If Interested in Any Of His Amazing Art Work.. And would Like to Purchase one.. Two.. Or More.. Just Email us directly and well get you were you need to be to purchase them.. Thanks Marvel Maniacs. Prices Below..

The New Mutants keep DMW from being taken down

1-Minute Rundown on ML Storm 2 Pack Target Exclusive

Marvel Display at Franklin Institute

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We Offer a Variety of Services. We have Merchandise for sale in our MARKETPLACE Shop. We offer Our service to help you Find That Special Marvel Item you have been looking for. Providing services like shopping, hunting for items, locating items, anything and everything related to Marvel. There is a small fee for This service. Contact us directly for help.

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  1. Yo this place always goes through! I got a free Grey Beast, War Machine, and Deluxe Apocalypse ! Ain’t nobody else doing it like DMW.

  2. DMW has consistently been one of my favorite places to shop. With the great customer service, fair prices, and the down-right absurd amount of giveaways, DMW proves itself as far superior to each and every other retailer.

  3. Always amazing service. Great prices. Great people. Great products. Great giveaway and raffles. You can’t go wrong.

  4. just won a giveaway of a red hulk from these guys! my first giveaway win ever! i always wanted it but wasn’t able to find it at a reasonable price. i had given up on it, but then they made it a giveaway prize! i was in total disbelief when i saw that i had won. they do awesome giveaways all the time that are super easy to get into. thanks DMW!!

  5. I keep saying it and I’ll say it again……DMW for the WIN! Just got a great deal on two figs that I really wanted. Finally finishing off my 90’s X-Men and got one of the baddest villains X-Men comics! If you’re not buying from DMW where are you buying from? Cause i know you’re not getting deals like this!!!!!

  6. This was the best place to find figures thank you so much Dmwallthingsmarvel I’ll spread the word about this for others to buy again thank you so much for the figs you have sent my way

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