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The Black Order

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today we will be covering the Black Order comic series written by Derek Landy. Each issue starts with a different perspective of each member. The plot is the order trying to retrieve the bow of Gabriel for their own nefarious purposes. That’s all i’ll say for now to avoid spoilers.RidingContinue reading “The Black Order”

Daredevil The Man Without Fear Continued..

Hello DMW All Things Marvel! Today we will continue the coverage of Daredevil, written by Brian Micheal Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maeev! The story continues with the aftermath of the Kingpins assasination attempt and Daredevil trying to figure out who put a hit on himself. Daredevil leaves no stone unturned, meanwhile Kingpins assassins areContinue reading “Daredevil The Man Without Fear Continued..”

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New For 2021 WandaVision

Dr.Doom With the Fantastic 4

Red Hulk

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Shartimus prime reviews Marvel Legends War Machine Deluxe 2020 Target Exclusive Comic Hasbro Action Figure Review

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The New Mutants keep DMW from being taken down

1-Minute Rundown on ML Storm 2 Pack Target Exclusive

Marvel Display at Franklin Institute

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  1. I had the best service
    I highly recommend them
    Thank you soo much for understanding fans like us

  2. To be honest DMW is the Absolute Best!! So excited to have purchased and got amazing deals!! Like their current deal on the New VILlians Wave is Unbeatable. Just check Around!! Can’t be matched!! Love it!!

  3. Gotta say, MSF/ Dominick went 200% on the customer service, helping me put together an order that fit my budget but got me the most bang for my buck. I really appreciate it, and they always do fun promos like the raffle where I won a $25 gift certificate! Can’t wait for my order and the ML supervillains wave later in 2021!

  4. If you are looking for collectibles and are tired of cookie cutter customer service or lackluster selection, look NO further!
    DMW is THE place to go!
    I’ve ordered from SO MANY vendors and always am left wondering if I got a good deal or left feeling like they didn’t tailor my needs to me.
    DMW found figures not even in stock AND made me a deal I couldn’t walk away from!
    If you’re still shopping somewhere else you are wasting your time, money and aren’t truly reaping any benefits.
    They always keep in touch with updates and are available at almost any time to answer questions or assist however they can.
    10/10, 5-stars, two thumbs up and any other cliche accolades you can muster up.

  5. I won a raffle a few weeks ago and just got my figures delivered in New Zealand.
    He went out of his way to help me with what I wanted and I am very happy with what I got. It’s actually funny a old man over 40 playing like a kid haha
    Definitely recommended, outstanding customer service! 😀
    Gotta say the website kinda sucks though lol

  6. Spent THOUSANDS of dollars with these guys, & Would do it again!! wonderful place to work with and highly recommend them !! Marvel Superfan goes above and beyond even losing money on the deal if need be!! Sold me a Juggernaut wave at $377 when he paid 500$ and some !! That’s gr8 service and I think it’s because they care so much!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  7. A huge thank you to MSF for holding the Infinity Saga Quicksilver giveaway. It was a pleasure to participate, and I’m looking forward for the next awesome contest in the future!

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