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DMW Presents… Anthony Jensen

My name is Anthony Jensen, I’m a self taught visual artist from Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been a Marvel fan my entire life, and have been drawing and painting superheroes for as far back as I can remember. Now days my medium of choice is oil paint, but I also use water colors, and recently started doing digital illustrations. Follow my daily process and routine on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @JensenArtwork or check out my website! Hope you enjoy my art. Thanks! 

DMW Presents … Nathan’s 1-minute rundowns

Hey Marvel Legends Fans, I’m Nathan and I’m a fan of the X-Men and Spiderman. Grew up collecting Amazing Spiderman, New Mutants, X-Men and the beginnings of X-Force (when Cable was the lead).

I’m drawn to Marvel Legends for the variety of characters they portray. I picked up creating my own digital comics with action figures and it’s a dream come true because of all the stories I imagined taking place in the Marvel Universe. I can now create articulated comic book art (A.C.B.A) with my favorite heroes and villains with my own storyline. 

I hope you enjoy my “one minute run downs” on the latest marvel legends. Enjoy my digital comic strips and give a listen to some of the reviews on Instagram. You can follow me @marvellegendsbattles on I.G. and D.M. me there if you want to reach out. Thanks, and Marvel On!

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Follow Magdropstudios on Ig & Check out his amazing Stop Motion Videos below

Stop-motion animatorFavorite superhero is Wolverine and Captain America.  I’ve loved comics and superheroes since I was a kid.  The goal is to create my own comic bases stop motions some original stories some loosely based on the comics.  Check out my youtube channel below. Also follow me on IG @ MagDropStudios

Youtube Channel

Check Out Cole aka @Tformer_HQ on Instagram and his awesome Stop Motion

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