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Check Out Vision .. Custom Head on the figure makes it look wonderful.. detailed and full of that talent that is Mad Santa Toyshop

Tony does amazing Talented And Gifted work.. He has teamed up with us at DMW ATM to bring you some amazing items at wonderfully priced deals..

Check Out Doom… What an amazing Figure, coouldn’t get better.. Right? Well thats until Tony getting a hold of this.. WoW.. Amazing..

Shields Run $36.98

Thanks for checking out these premium movie accurate 6″ scale Endgame Shields! Every shield is reshaped – cut, scratched, marred, sanded, painted and varnished to bring you 6″ scale movie accuracy.
Marvel Legends * Custom Captain America broken Endgame Shields #29 and #30. Each includes (4) pieces (as pictured);(1) Broken Endgame Shield from Endgame Cap and,(2-3) THREE broken shards that can be used as Vibranium throwing shards.
I ship everything fast, tight, safe and secure. Sorry no returns. 
*the numbers (29 & 30) indicates the order in which they were made.
Thanks for stopping by!

Order this Custom Punisher for $149.98

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